Top 100 iOS and Android Apps Installed as CPI Offers

These are the top 100 iOS and Android apps that are currently being promoted as CPI offers on CPAlead. Creating a CPI campaign for your iOS or Android app allows you to pay only for the installs your app receives. To promote your app as a CPI offer, sign up for as an advertiser and create a CPI campaign. Promoting your iOS or Android app as a CPI offer is the most effective way for you to receive quality app installs from real users.

Rank App Details Device Country Payout
1 iOS Spain $0.22
2 iOS United States $0.25
3 Android France $0.47
4 Android Germany +2 other $0.35
5 Android Canada $0.21
6 Android United States $0.55
7 Android United States $0.40
8 Android United States $0.90
9 iOS United States $1.30
10 Android France +3 other $0.65
11 Android United States $0.60
12 Android United States, Canada $0.75
13 iOS United States $0.40
14 Android Russian Federation $0.80
15 Android United States $1.80
16 Android Serbia and Montenegro $0.12